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Tree planting in Amersham

If we are to meet the Government’s target to become carbon net zero by 2050 we need to  plant more trees throughout the UK. The UK’s current woodland cover is a woeful 13% and this has to increase. The Chilterns is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with trees, hedges and wildflower planting, all crucial to the fight against climate change. Trees planted now will take five to ten years before they mature enough to help capture carbon. We need the right trees (native species), in the right place, right NOW.

In Amersham, two community orchards have been planted: one at Hervines Park and one at Pondwicks. Fruit trees provide food for wildlife as well as carbon capture and nectar for pollinators. Pondwicks is also home to the largest bug hotel in England, a small wildlife pond and wildlife hedges of blackthorn, maple and hawthorn.

Over the past nine years, 7000 trees have been planted by the community and schools, and more is planned for May 2021. In conjunction with residents, 150 trees have been planted on roadside verges. In Chesham Bois, a total of 400 new saplings have been planted in Tenterden Spinney and Bois Wood as part of the Forestry Commission approved management plan.

Amersham in Bloom works with Amersham Town Council to plant flowers locally. Over half of the planting is now sustainable, with a move away from annuals to native perennials. Over 10kg of wildflowers are sown each year in Amersham and verges are managed with reduced cutting to allow wildflowers to flourish.

Every tree and hedge counts, so if you have space in your garden, make this the year to plant more and let nature help us in the battle against climate change.

If you would like to help with tree planting, get in touch!