Climate crisis

Once called global warming, then climate change and now the climate crisis or the climate emergency — unfortunately it is a crisis, and we all need to act now to curb its devastating effects.

The main cause of the climate crisis are greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane. Natural cycles would keep these gases under control, but since the beginning of the Industrial Age, our use of fossil fuels and animal farming practices, amongst other ‘developed’ activities, has led to exponential growth in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) gases in our atmosphere.

Under the Paris Agreement, 194 states and the EU have agreed to legally-binding targets to limit temperature rises to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, aiming for 1.5°C.

Local issues & actions

We can see the effects of the climate crisis locally with more extreme weather patterns, which can result in flooding. Buckinghamshire Council has a Climate Change page and has recently defined a Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy, including a path to net zero but the specifics need to be confirmed and shared widely amongst businesses, organisations and citizens of Bucks. If every individual and business makes concrete steps to use and produce less carbon, we will make a difference together.

What you can do

1. Get in touch with us to approach the council collectively, to push for a more comprehensive climate crisis strategy.

2. Insulate your home. Change to a renewable energy supplier.

3. Fly less and switch to an electric car.

4. Move your bank account and pension to a more ethical and environmentally-minded provider.

5. Switch to a largely plant-based diet.


Climate justice

Climate injustice describes the disproportionate burden of environmental degradation placed on marginalised and low-income communities, who are conversely least responsible for carbon emissions and environmentally destructive practices.

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How Bad Are Bananas

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The Future We Choose

This book — written by the key architect of the Paris Agreement, Cristiana Figueres, and political strategist Tom Rivett-Carnac — outlines two scenarios for the

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