Recycling “difficult” items

What and where you can recycle in Amersham and surrounding area

We should all be encouraged to reduce, repair and re-use stuff in our everyday life but sometimes this is not possible, and you need to dispose of items. It’s worth asking yourself the question as you are about to throw something into your waste bin “Can this be recycled somewhere”

You will be amazed how many throw away packages still have a value at the end of their life if they are collected into the right recycling stream. Here we list the options available near you.

Most supermarkets do some collection of special items such as soft plastics. See below for the items collected at each of the brands.

Collection bins behind the checkout points will accept the following:

  • Cling film
  • Crisp packets
  • Fruit, salad and veg bags Bubble wrap
  • Plastic carrier bags Bread bags
  • Baby food pouches
  • Pet food pouches


  • Thin plastic lids of all types
  • Kitchen towel, toilet roll, nappy bag, cotton wool wrappers
  • Pouches – microwave rice, pre-cooked mussels, petfood, etc
  • Fruit & veg nets, bags and wrappers
  • Plastic sauce sachets


  • Ordinary carrier bags
  • Bread bags
  • Crisps, nuts, snacks bags
  • Bags from: Cereal and porridge; Dried goods – dried fruit, pasta, rice, sugar, pulses, etc; Frozen foods and ice cubes

Wrappers & Film

  • Chocolate and sweets bags and wrappers
  • Biscuit wrappers
  • Cling film
  • Pizza wrapping film
  • Bread product wrappers: Croissants; Pancakes; Naan bread; Pitta bread; Garlic bread; Fresh pasta • 
  • Wrappers from: Cheese, pastry, cakes, Yorkshire puddings o baby wipes, etc; Meat, poultry and joints; Tea and teabags, ground coffee, etc; Pies, pastries, sausage rolls; Household textiles, scourers, rubber gloves, etc o Giftwrap, greetings cards, etc
  • Flower wrappers
  • Petfood wrappers

  • Dry food flexible plastic: bread, cereal, rice bags Confectionery, cake, biscuit wrappers Crisp and snack bags
  • Other flexible plastic: cheese wrap, peelable film lids, clean sauce pouches, Vegetable and salad bags, flower wrapping Multipack film wrap, clingfilm
  • Pouches and sachets: coffee, confectionery, sauce pouches, Baby, pet food and microwaveable food pouches
  • Non-food flexible plastic: carrier bags, clothing bags, bubble wrap Magazine and newspaper wrappers Toilet roll and kitchen roll wrapping

NO compostable or biodegradable bags or wrapping is accepted; NO disposable face masks or gloves; NO medicine blister packs

See the full list here: