We are more aware than ever before how much waste we create, particularly due to single-use items. Writer and journalist Lucy Siegle suggests we consider the eight R’s to avoid waste: record, reduce, replace, refuse, reuse, refill, rethink, and recycle.

In doing so, we can move towards the principle of a circular economy, where waste is engineered out of the system. Products are not simply used and disposed of. Instead, they can be reused, easily repaired or recycled for a different purpose. Fewer resources are required and greenhouse gas emissions and pollution levels are reduced.

Local issues & actions

Reduce waste by refilling food and household products at Little Walkers Cafe in Amersham or The Refill Project in Chesham. 

Drop off items that you can’t recycle in your blue bin to a Medic to Medic drop-off point. See Amersham Recycles for Medic to Medic on Facebook for a full list of what they can accept at Newlyn Corner, Sycamore Close, Amersham HP6 6BW or use other Terracycle collection points: Terry’s Newsagents on Sycamore Road and The Free Church.

Use the Bucks Waste Wizard to find out where you can repair, reuse and recycle many household items.

Donate food to Chesham’s Community Fridge before it goes to waste.

What you can do

1. Think twice before you make any purchase. If it’s electronics or clothing for example, do you really need it? Can you borrow or rent it instead?

2. Make a record of your weekly waste. Work out what you can either reduce, exchange for more sustainable alternatives, including refills.

3. Try to only buy as much food as you need. Be prepared to eat misshapen fruit or vegetables and generally reduce food waste.

4. Recycle used clothes at local charity shops and consider buying second-hand or through a clothes exchange — see the Fashion page for more ideas.

5. Find new a new home for unwanted household items through the Reuse Network.


No disposable cup day!

We took a stall at the regular Amersham market to promote No Disposable Cup Day and support the two independent cafes who were helping us trial a ‘ borrow cup’ scheme for the day.

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The Big Plastic Countdown

Sustainable Amersham participated in the Big Plastic Countdown organised by Everyday Plastic and Greenpeace to uncover the truth about how much we throw away and what happens to it

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Repair Cafe

Repair cafe is back in Amersham! Bring in your broken items and work with our volunteer experts to repair them on-site.

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