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Toy & Costume Swap at Amersham Library

Our first ever “little green adventures” Toy & Costume Swap is coming to Amersham Library on Saturday the 24th of February from 10-12 am.

Thinking of your Christmas clean-up? Want to plan for International Book Day costumes?

Bring in your pre-loved Toys and Costumes and exchange them for different ones!

This event is completely free and there is no need to register. Just turn up. 

Help your pocket and the planet and give those toys some extra life.

Kids are really, really welcome. We want them to be involved in building a world where they can thrive in! At the event, please keep a close eye on them as there may be smaller toys around and we want our little ones to be really safe.

It is really simple:

  1. Have a look at the toys you have at home, find any your children are not using and are in good condition. You can bring toys (no plug in toys please! we do accept battery powered ones though), costumes and books!
  2. Pop them in a bag and bring them over on the day to the library. We will be in the room that is at the end on the right (against the floor-to-ceiling windows, that look out to King George V Road). There will be someone as you come in to direct you and explain how this works.
  3. Come in, see what is there and pick up any toys you like and bring them to the reception. You will be able to take approximately the same amount of toys that you brought in, but we are not particularly precious about this. The main focus is on giving toys a new life! We will have a flip-chart there to record how many toys get swapped.
  4. Chat to us! There will be a number of Sustainable Amersham volunteers around helping out. Learn about all the things we are doing to create a future our children can thrive in. Why not join our little green adventures newsletter? Have a cup of tea at the Life Style Center coffee area and talk to other parents.
  5. Take your toys and costumes home and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this event. As the items swapped are not provided by Sustainable Amersham we cannot be responsible on the condition of them once you take them with you.  If you find an item does quite work out for you, have a look at our post on some ideas on how to dispose of it in a more sustainable way.
Special thanks to the Amersham & Villages Community Board for funding this event!

Contact us if you are interested in participating and want to help us organise this event. We need help to organise this and our other events!