Repair cafe

Sustainable Amersham is now organising Amersham’s resident Repair Cafe!

Our first ever Repair Café took place on Saturday 2nd July 2022, from 10am to 1pm, and was a resounding success. There were five repairers present at St Michael’s Church in Amersham, with two sewing specialists and three electric and general repairers, who managed to save over 20 items from heading to landfill!

Repairing is increasingly becoming a lost skill, but it’s an important step that we can all take in our efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Electronic waste is a particular problem – the UK produced 1.6 million tonnes of e-waste in 2019 (approximately 23.9kg of waste per person), and this waste is often sent to developing countries, with toxic effects for their inhabitants. The fewer newer items we buy, the more water and precious minerals we save, and the more greenhouse gas emissions are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

The wonderful volunteer repairers managed to save a variety of items, including a food mixer, radio, wooden mirror, sewing machine, waffle maker, hedge trimmer, small oven toaster, light shades, and more. Visitors were pleased with their repairs and thought it was a fantastic initiative.

Sustainable Amersham are planning another Repair Café on Saturday 3 rd September at Saint Michael & All Angels

Visitors are advised to come earlier in the day during quiet periods for a greater chance of being seen. If you are a repairer interested in supporting the Café or simply someone who would like to help with running the event, please get in touch. We need help and are looking for volunteer repairers.

Contact us if you are interested!

See below for all the next dates:

3rd of September

5th of November

7th of January

4th of March

6th of May

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