Taking care of children is a beautiful and challenging journey. 

It involves so many activities, energy and “stuff”. It is difficult to find the space and time to care about the planet while juggling the other 100 things that must be taken care of at any given moment.

Yet at the same time having a child makes us re-consider the kind of world we want our little ones to grow up into.

There are some things that we can easily change in order to have less impacts on the earth that sustains us.

We are not here to be perfect, we just try to make it a little bit better so our little ones will have a planet they can love and thrive on.

Local issues & actions

We have started a new project covering activities for parents with children. Have a look at what is going on in our Green Families page.

little green adventures newsletter. Monthly ideas on how to keep our kids entertained while building a future where they can thrive.

Sustainable parenting cafe. A relaxed place to meet other parents, have a cuppa and learn about how to be a little bit kinder to the  planet. For mums, dads and kids!

Pre-loved children’s Toy Swap. As we move through various stages of child caring, we end up having a lot of things we no longer need. Let’s have a place in our community to swap some of these things.

What you can do

1. Above all, use less

Select the items you really need and make sure your loved ones know what those are. There are only so many toys a 3 month old needs!  Having a wish list that is shared with family and friends would help too.

2. Go pre-loved!

So many child-care items can be reused, saving money and the planet. Ask friends and relatives for pre-loved items such as clothes, cots, push-chairs and high-chairs. There are also fantastic online toy and clothes rental services and second hand markets.

3. Avoid single-use items

Yes, we know this is a difficult one, but it does not have to be all or nothing. By minimising the use of single use wipes, nappies and food pouches you will reduce the amount of waste you produce every month.

4. Be mindful of the materials

If you have to buy single-use wipes and nappies, use the biodegradable plant-based options. Choose glass food jars and bottles.

5. Learn and teach

Our kids learn from us and what we introduce into their lives. Use eco-awareness books (Amersham library now has a Sustainable Amersham curated shelf), go out to nature on outings etc.

6. Be an activist

Ask your nursery and school to reduce their environmental impacts by cutting down energy  usage and waste. We can make a difference by raising the awareness together. Join Sustainable Amersham to give us your voice!



Have a look at some ideas of activities you can do at home and in nature with your children to explore various areas of sustainability. Have fun and create a world where our children can thrive!

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