March “little green adventures” Newsletter

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Food is the fuel of our lives,  brings our culture to life and creates lovely connections with those around us.

But he way our food is produced costs our environment dearly.

Food waste in particular causes a lot of polluting gases and destroys nature unnecessarily!

Set your family the challenge of visiting one of the local volunteer-run Community Fridges where individuals and businesses can drop off excess food for anyone to have.

For the more tech oriented apps like Olio and Too Good To Waste connect us to others around us and local businesses to exchange surplus food.

You can then try to cook a lovely meal with some recipe ideas from the Love Food Hate Waste project.

Mother’s Day is coming! Why not exchange a truly special home-made gift? Try these ideas:

  • Home made cards decorated with ribbons, old Christmas cards and whatever you can find
  • Give out a plant and decorate its pot!
  • Heart Nature collages, pasting leaves and flowers
  • Make your own all natural bath bombs and face masks

Find more Eco-Projects for you and your family here.

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