Green Energy – Talk 2: Saving energy at home

Join us at Amersham Library on the 18th of June, 2022, at 11am for our next free talk on how to save energy at home.

Energy bills are set to rise by 54% ( £693 for the average UK household) after the regulator’s new price cap comes on 1 April 2022, according to ofgem ( press release Feb2022). With the Russia invasion on Ukraine, the wholesale prices are expected to continue to go up and,  it is likely that the energy price cap could be increased further for 30-50% in October ( House of commons library).

In our second Green Energy Talk we will discuss the amount of energy used at home and how to optimise your electricity and gas use to save money and help lower the Green House Gas Emissions that are putting our planet at risk:

  1. Energy use survey outcome: average energy use in our area, areas of enhancement
  2. Government policy & next steps: conversion to electric, lack of investment in insulation, support for low income houses
  3. How to manage house hold energy better?
    1. Monitoring usage
    2. Control your use – thermostat
    3. Where do we waste electricity? Energy ratings
    4. Where do we wast heating? Insulation, draughts, replacing oil
  4. Coming activities from Sustainable Amersham: using our thermal camera to analyse your heat sinks, group loft insulation, others

Please fill up our anonymous survey so that we can prepare the Talk to cover the biggest problems in our area.

We will have time for open questions and will later stay around the Lifestyle Center cafe to chat and introduce more about our association!

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