Green Energy – Talk 1: Solar Panels

Video and material now available!

We got together at Amersham Library on the 30th of April (11am) for our free talk on how to power our homes for a more sustainable Amersham.

Our first free talk focused on Solar Energy. Local resident and sustainability consultant, Christoph Geppert, shared his solar panel installation experience. This included his choice of system, and choice of installer, his interaction with the planning system and the financial breakdown. The talk was illustrated with photos of the installation process.

We also had some time for open questions and stayed around the Lifestyle Center cafe to chat and introduce more about our association!

We were really happy to host around 40 people in a very dynamic exchange of in-depth information, exciting thoughts and ideas.

if you enjoyed this talk, why not come to our next Talk on how to save energy and the planet ?

You can find a video recording of the Talk in our YouTube channel and the slides are here: