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Great Big Green Week & Recycle Week 18-26th September

Help Bucks go green for the Great Big Green Week! In support of these two national events, Sustainable Amersham will be at the regular Tuesday market in Amersham-on-the-Hill on 21st September. We will be joined by a local Terracycle organiser Tamsin Lillie, who collects items that cannot be recycled in your home bin but which are accepted by certain companies for recycling. 

Tamsin runs the collection point at Newlyns Corner off Sycamore Road and there are many items you might otherwise throw away that can be collected to raise funds for the Medic-to Medic charity. You will be amazed at what you can recycle.

The list includes:

Used Toothbrushes                                       Used Toothpaste tubes

Dental floss packs                                         Cheese wrappers

Bread bags                                                     Used Crisp packets

Dishwasher tablet bags                                Laundry packs

Used Biscuit wrappers


Simply check the list of accepted items below (full PDF download here) or on Facebook and start saving up your plastic waste instead of throwing it in the general waste bin. You will save kilos of plastic from landfill and help us fight the battle against plastic pollution.

There will be boxes at the Sustainable Amersham stall for you to bring your items on the 21st September. We will collect it for you.

Members of the team will be available to talk about how we can all recycle smarter and also reduce the amount of single-use plastic we consume. It just takes a few small steps to make a big difference if we all work together.

Start your plastic-free journey today and help make our town greener, cleaner and more sustainable.