In the UK 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions arise from the food system and yet one third of the food we produce goes to waste. This wastage occurs on the farm, in the supermarket but mainly in our homes (70%). Changes in agriculture and land management are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have the potential to sequester carbon. These changes can also increase biodiversity. 

The interaction of land use, food production methods and our diets is complex and it can be difficult to decide on the most sustainable food choices. Some facts are clear though. We all need to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products. We should eat more seasonally and reduce consumption of over-packaged and over-processed foods.

Most significantly we should reduce our food waste. The first Covid-19 lockdown showed this was possible as UK households reduced food waste by one third. WRAP has estimated that one day’s food waste in the UK is responsible for the equivalent carbon emissions as 14,000 cars for a year.

Local issues & actions

You can reduce meat consumption and make that meat higher quality. There are several producers within a few miles of Amersham: Chiltern Farm Food, Chiltern Ridge, Native Beef (previously called Chess Valley Beef), Chess Valley Lamb, and Wren Davis Farm.

Look out for local refill options for staple foods, like Little Walkers Cafe in Amersham, The Refill Project and Healthright in Chesham, and The Pantry at 51 in Prestwood.

Support local food producers at local markets in Amersham, Chesham, and further afield — see the Thames Valley Farmers’ Market Co-operative — and farm shops like Peterley Manor Farm and The Hatchery.

What you can do

1. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of meat, fish, and dairy.

2. Use meal planners when shopping so that you only buy what you are going to eat.

3. Do more cooking using seasonal produce and be creative with leftovers.

4. Choose reduced packaging options and tell your supermarket why.



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