Big Plastic Count (2024) & Amersham plastic art!

Get ready to join in the Big Plastic Count , 11th-17th March

You may be wondering: why are we counting again this year? Well, there’s a crucial reason – in 2024, governments will be at the negotiating table for a Global Plastics Treaty, aiming to pave the way for a worldwide reduction in plastic production.

This time around, the results of The Big Plastic Count will be used to convince UK politicians to lead the way at these talks and push for a really strong treaty. It’s a massive opportunity, and your participation can help make a significant impact!

At Sustainable Amersham we are asking our supporters to go one step further and keep the plastic as well.

We hope to join forces with students at the Amersham School to create a display of all the plastic collected at the Climate Action Day to be held at St Michael’s Church in Amersham on 23rd March- see below for more details.

Please help us to do this – sign up to the Big Plastic Count and contact Nikki to drop off your collected plastic. Thanks!

Taking part in The Big Plastic Count is really quick and easy! Here’s a reminder of what you need to do:

  1. Register: Get your free counting pack (digital or via post) which includes everything you need to take part
  2. Get Counting: Count all your plastic waste from 11-17 March
  3. Submit Results: Submit your data via our website by 31 March
  4. Get Your Footprint: Discover your plastic footprint and use the results to make a difference!