Act today to protect tomorrow.

Sustainable Amersham is a local community group deeply concerned about the devastating impacts of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. Our volunteer members design and implement projects that address these impacts. We work together with local government, businesses and community organisations in Amersham and Chesham Bois. 

Our current projects are Green Energy (encouraging renewable energy use), Plastic Free Amersham (freeing Amersham of single use plastics by 2025) and Learn and Act (sharing actionable information on sustainable living).

Join us! The bigger we are, the bigger our voice in local decisions that affect our future. And we always need motivated volunteers of all backgrounds and ages to bring their skills and time to existing projects, to start new projects, and to keep Sustainable Amersham running smoothly. There is no minimum time requirement and no cost to be a member.

We need everyone to act today to protect tomorrow.

Latest news

Green Energy

Burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to climate change. By switching to renewable energy like wind and solar, and making our typically leaky homes

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Top 10 tips for living more sustainably

1. Change your current account to a sustainable bank like Triodos, and investigate where your pension is invested.

2. Insulate your home.

3. Choose an energy provider which is actively contributing to renewable energy generation.

4. Use electronics like mobile phones as long as possible.

5. Fly less.

6. Try to eat plant-based foods as much as possible, avoiding beef, dairy and lamb in particular — they usually have the biggest footprint.

7. When it’s time to buy your next car, get a fully electric or hybrid one.

8. Mend and repair your clothes, and buy good quality secondhand.

9. Get your fruit and veg delivered with minimal packaging (we love Riverford), and buy in bulk locally.

10. Get involved with Sustainable Amersham!

Our upcoming meetings

Contact us for the Zoom link.

Winter social!
Tuesday 7th December
From 7:30pm at the Boot & Slipper
2 Rickmansworth Road, Amersham HP6 5JN

Wednesday 5th January 2022
6-7pm on Zoom

Wednesday 26th January 2022
6-7pm on Zoom

Wednesday 23rd February 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC

Wednesday 23rd March 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC

Wednesday 27th April 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC

Wednesday 25th May 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC

Wednesday 22nd June 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC

Wednesday 27th July 2022
6-7pm Zoom/in person TBC