Welcome to Sustainable Amersham!

Sustainable Amersham was set up in February 2020 to understand the impact of our lives on the environment. We encourage our local community to make changes to reduce our footprints and pursue a more sustainable way of life. Working together with Bucks Council, Amersham Town Council, Chesham Bois Parish Council and local organisations including schools and businesses, we hope to involve the whole community in keeping Amersham a beautiful place to live for generations to come.

Please join our group, help out with a project, and share your ideas! Get in touch by email, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for frequent updates, news, local resources, and inspiration. 

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Top 10 tips for living more sustainably

1. Change your current account to a sustainable bank like Triodos, and investigate where your pension is invested.

2. Insulate your house.

3. Choose an energy provider which is actively contributing to renewable energy generation.

4. Use electronics like mobile phones as long as possible.

5. Fly less.

6. Try to eat plant-based foods as much as possible, avoiding beef, dairy and lamb in particular — they usually have the biggest footprint.

7. When it’s time to buy your next car, get a fully electric or hybrid one.

8. Mend and repair your clothes, and buy good quality secondhand.

9. Get your fruit and veg delivered with minimal packaging (we love Riverford), and buy in bulk locally.

10. Get involved with Sustainable Amersham!